Sterile Compounding

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If you are requiring medications that are administered into the eyes, for nasal use, for inhalation, or for wound washing, your compounding pharmacist can prepare your sterile medication unique to you and your needs. Our pharmacists will prepare these medications following an aseptic technique to ensure they the medications are accurate in dose, sterile (free of bacteria), pure (free of particulate matter), and are stable (medications will last for the number of days needed). In addition, if you are requiring an injection - whether it is for treatment for erectile dysfunction, an antibiotic to be administered through the vein, or for vitamin supplementation, your compounding pharmacist will prepare these injections following the proper technique and procedures. Your compounding pharmacy also has systems in place to ensure they prepare the highest quality sterile compounded medications. These systems may include a double -pharmacist verification system and procedures to test final products. Contact us for more details.